A_GRAF gUG started work in 2011 with a project in the context of the EU-Commission’s Grundtvig program.

Before, we participated in projects mainly at Saarland University, from the Grundtvig, Comenius, Sokrates, Eramus, and Interreg programs of the EU commission, and in projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science, the Joint Federal and Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion, the German-French Youth Council, SR broadcasting station, and the German Research Foundation.

Publication of books, articles, web sites and films. Among others,  for BBC radio 4, BBC World Service, ZDF German Broadcasting, SR radio and tv, SWR radio and tv, Deutschlandfunk, Reuters and AFP press agencies, Luxemburger Wort, tageszeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, DER SPIEGEL.